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In our example 200% profit. Now balance = 1,500 USD

In our example 200% profit Now balance = 1,500 USD

Our Interests Aligned

Ease Investing is driven to deliver positive returns for our investors. We have therefore only incorporated a high watermark fee structure that incentivises performance and aligns our interests with yours. We really do not make any money unless you do!
A high-watermark structure ensures that the manager does not get paid for poor performance. So if the manager loses money over a period, he or she must get the fund above the high watermark before receiving performance bonus. The fee (if applicable) is only calculated on the last day of the month
Our Interests Aligned


We make money when our clients make money. We work on a performance fee basis only. At close of business on the final trading day of each calendar month a statement is produced showing the performance of your account. EaseInvesting are paid a 30% Performance Fee from the gross profits generated on your account. It is also important to understand that EaseInvesting charges 30% from the profits that it has generated for you and not across all of your own capital.

we win together

What happens
if I have a


If a losing month occurs the following will be implemented:

Performance Fee
will be charged?

Watermark will
be implemented?

What is a High Watermark?

Following a losing month, our goal is to get your account back to its highest point as soon as possible. Only after that is achieved will performance fees be considered.

What is a High Watermark?

Can I see the trades
that are placed?

Once your trading account is open you can download the trading platform to your phone, tablet and computer. You will then be able to see ALL trades as they happen in real time. A permanent record of all trades is also stored for your records. These can be accessed via the platform or by logging into your trading account online.

Tablet and Computer