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NOTICE OF RISKS | EaseInvesting


notifies all its Clients as follows:

Trading transactions in financial markets provide ample opportunities and allow well-informed and experienced investors who are ready to run a certain reasonable risk to gain a high profit. It is important for the Clients to understand the risks peculiar to trading transactions in financial markets which may be rather high. This notice of risks (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) does not contain the description of all risks and other material aspects of transactions in financial markets. Therefore, it necessary for the Client to carefully analyze all the risks peculiar to transactions in financial markets and make a decision whether he/she should be engaged in such transactions, considering own experience, financial standing, purposes and tasks, the risk which he/she is ready to run, and other material circumstances. The purpose of this Notice is to disclose the Client the information on the risks related to trading transactions in financial markets and to warn the Client about potential financial losses related to these risks. As stated above, this Notice may not disclose all the information on all potential risks due to the variety of possible situations.

Leverage Effect

1.1 In making trading transactions under the leverage conditions a comparatively slight change in the rate of the relevant instrument may significantly influence the state of the Client’s trade account due to the leverage effect. In case of the market movement against the Client’s position he may incur loss in the amount of the original (guaranteed) deposit and additional assets deposited by him for supporting the open positions. The Client shall be fully liable for keeping the records of all risks, the use of financial resources and selection of the relevant trade strategy.

1.2 The use of leverage shall allow the Clients to make trading transactions with amounts which significantly exceed the amount of their original (guaranteed) deposit. However, it must be understood that a slight change in the market may entail a rather significant change in the amount of the original (guaranteed) deposit both upwards and downwards. In case of significant changes in the currency market the Clients shall be at risk of losing the whole amount of the original (guaranteed) deposit.

2. Risk of High Volatility of Certain Instruments

2.1 A lot of instruments have significant intraday ranges of change in prices (quotations) what means the high probability of both profit and loss from trading transactions.

3. Risk of High Volatility of the Market

3.1 The Client acknowledges and agrees that during the processing of an order for trading transaction received from him there may occur significant changes in the market, in particular, with a negative effect for the Client. Such a change is beyond the control of the Company and, as a rule, is conditioned by the high volatility of the market itself (for example, output of key economic news).

4. Currency Risks

4.1 Foreign currency is a legal means of payment of one or several states and, as a rule, is not secured by any valuables (for example, precious metals). Transactions with foreign currency, including OTC trading of foreign currency, are related to risks which are not peculiar to investments in the currency of the Client’s country. Such risks include risks of political and/or economic changes in the foreign state (foreign states) which may significantly and for a long period change trading conditions, tradability and/or price of foreign currency.

5. Bans and Limitations Stipulated by Laws

5.1 The Client shall fully assume financial and other risks in case making transactions (or performing acts related therewith) in financial markets is banned or limited by the laws of the country of the Client’s residence (location).

6. Recommendations Are Not Guaranteed

6.1 The generic market recommendations provided by EaseInvesting are based solely on the judgment of EaseInvesting personnel and should be considered as such. Client acknowledges that Client enters into any Transactions relying on Client’s own judgment. Any market recommendations provided are generic only and may or may not be consistent with the market positions or intentions of EaseInvesting and/or its affiliates. The generic market recommendations of EaseInvesting are based upon information believed to be reliable, but EaseInvesting cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness thereof or represent that following such generic recommendations will reduce or eliminate the risk inherent in trading CFDs and/or FX Contracts.

7. No Guarantees Of Profit

7.1 There are no guarantees of profit nor of avoiding losses when trading CFDs and FX Contracts. Client has received no such guarantees from EaseInvesting or from any of its representatives. Client is aware of the risks inherent in trading CFDs and FX Contracts and is financially able to bear such risks and withstand any losses incurred.

8. Quoting Errors

8.1 Should a quoting error occur (including responses to Client requests), EaseInvesting is not liable for any resulting errors in account balances and reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant Account.

9. EaseInvesting Managed

9.1 Participants entering into the EaseInvesting Managed service do so at their own risk. EaseInvesting act purely in their capacity as a “Marketing agent”.